New Year = New Deals

We all make promises to ourselves at the beginning of a new year. Sometimes we break those New Year resolutions rather soon, and before we know it, we are back to our normal, sometimes bad habits.

This year, if your resolution was to save money, I’m here to remind you that this resolution can stick. As a member of MAR, you have access to many benefits that you should take advantage of this year. A variety of services partner with MAR to provide special discounts on products and services not just for the office, but for the home as well.

Here’s a reminder of some top member benefits that can save you time and money in 2018:

1-Comtel Group INC. : Comtel Group is one of the nation’s most experienced telecommunications agencies providing independent, non-fee based consulting and services. Beyond traditional brokerages and consultancies, Comtel Group is your permanent and total communications solutions partner and advocate. Their goal is to optimize your experience and raise the standards of how business telecommunications services are bought, sold and managed. The best part—it’s free to MAR members!

2- Taxbot: Join thousands of happy agents and save thousands on your taxes every year. Taxbot is a mileage and expense tracking app. The one touch system captures your expenses and mileage in real time which are sent to the cloud and stored securely in a dynamic web portal. You can edit records, add new information, and create dynamic budgets with Taxbot.

3-Data Breach & Cyber Liability Insurance: Realtors® are a new target of cyber criminals. Insure your business from the financial harm and expenses that can result from a data breach. MAR members can have cyber and data breach insurance quoted and have coverage in effect in less than five minutes!

Happy New Year, and happy savings! For even more saving opportunities, check out all the MAR member benefits.

Webinar Wednesday July 16: Keep More Commissions With Tax Deductions


Join the Massachusetts Association of REALTORS and Taxbot for a FREE webinar on July 16th at 10:00AM ET

Learn how to pay the least amount of taxes possible next year by doing a few simple things today. Most business owners or 1099 employees overpay their taxes between $1,000 – $13,000 each year (even when using a CPA).Join former IRS Trainer and Best Selling Author Sandy Botkin for a free webinar and learn how you can give yourself that raise by keeping more of what you earn!

You will learn:

  •     How to get your gas for free
  •     How to legally deduct your kids video games and ballet lessons
  •     How to write off more of your meals and entertainment
  •     How claiming a home office can turbocharge your retirement
  •     How technology has made it easy to become a tax savvy business owner

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Learn more about Taxbot (and get a huge discount on the service!) here.