What are your Facebook ‘reactions’ telling you?

It’s been almost a year and half since Facebook introduced its expanded reaction buttons (February 24, 2016 to be exact). If you don’t know what I’m specifically talking about by name, you will when you see the buttons below:

As a user of Facebook, I felt these were a great addition to the news feed. The additional buttons give you more specific ways to react to a post. I’m not sure about you, but I always felt a little strange “liking” sad posts such as when a pet died, etc.

So why after more than a year am I bringing this up? I’m bringing it up because I feel there are good insights in those reactions that Realtors® can take advantage of when it comes to creating relevant content for current and future clients. And I don’t think many people are taking advantage of the information that is there.
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Digital Marketing Ideas for the Holidays

Confident female designer working on a digital tablet in red

The winter holidays can be a slow time in real estate, especially in the Northeast. Buyers and sellers can go into hibernation and forgo battling the weather. Perhaps you’re planning on taking some time off too.

Still, the winter is not the time to let potential clients forget about you. Instead, take the holiday month to boost your digital marketing strategy with these ideas. The boon of any digital marketing plan is that a little work in advance will allow you to relax and take that much needed time off for the holidays.

Get local

Winter is the perfect time to advertise your local brick-and-mortar business, if you have one. This is the time when many people are home for the holidays, restless, and out walking around shopping or exploring the town. Luckily, Facebook offers a local awareness feature that targets audiences when they’re near your business. This is also a great option to get more people aware of your Facebook business page, where they have the opportunity to follow you and interact with your business in the future.


Get in the spirit

If you do launch a local awareness ad mentioned above, be sure to treat your visitors and curious locals to some holiday cheer. Consider offering coffee or hot cocoa to passersby, or offer free gift wrapping to shoppers if your office is in a busy downtown area.

Let people get to know your story

The holidays are all about connection. Launch a digital campaign that shares your story as a business, how you got into real estate, or why your community matters to you. Showcase yourself, your colleagues and employees to position your business as real and human in the digital world.

Use strong visual elements

Any digital advertising campaign launched during this time will be competing with all the mistletoe and mouth-watering recipes in peoples’ newsfeeds. Make sure any social posts you deploy are bold, visually compelling, and comply with the design guidelines for that platform. (For instance, you can find Facebook’s advertising guidelines here.) Consider using stock photography if you don’t have any professional photos or video at your disposal.

What the 2016 Presidential Debate Can Teach Us About Live Video

People at a Political RallyTonight is the first of three 2016 Presidential Debates, and if you’re not at home in front of the TV at 9 p.m., don’t worry because you can pretty much stream it anywhere. Social media giants Facebook, Twitter and Google have all taken up the opportunity to get a chunk of the 100 million expected viewers tonight. Those are Superbowl numbers.

What’s more interesting is that there will be a chance for viewers to ask questions via social media directly to the candidates. These viewer-generated questions may or may not be read, but it gives the average American social media user a chance to engage in the election process like never before. It also puts the pressure on the candidates to speak in such a way that will come across on social media. It’s likely that both candidates will have come to the debate tonight prepared with “tweetable” quotes and catchy sound bites.

When preparing for your next live video, it might be helpful to take a note from the Presidential candidates and come prepared with a few crafted points you want to make in a way that people will remember. Also, live streaming will allow your viewers to ask questions in the comments, so take some time to answer those. If you’re filming the live video yourself in selfie mode, you’ll be able to see the questions and comments pop up as they’re entered below your video. Otherwise, set aside time for questions and have the person filming read the questions aloud to you then.

Your success (and the 2016 President’s) may depend on it.

5 Ideas for Facebook Live Video | Social Media Monday

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It’s no secret the Facebook gives priority to video, and especially so when it’s live. In fact, in many ways, live video may be one of the few remaining surefire ways to reach your audience without spending ad dollars. It can be daunting to address your Facebook fans live, but with a little planning you might find live videos to be your most successful content. Here are some ideas for content to get you started:

  1. Host a Q&A
    Gather some frequently-asked-questions from your clients during the homebuying process, or accept questions live from viewers. Hosting a Q&A is a good way to showcase your expertise and attract potential future clients.
  2. Give a behind-the-scenes peek at your business
    Show your audience what it really means to be a Realtor®. Share your thoughts as you go about your day, or give viewers a chance to meet your team at the office during coffee break.
  3. Stream an open house
    Show off a listing live by giving a quick tour of the premises. Point out features and interesting details of the property.
  4. Make a major announcement
    Do you have an upcoming event, new office opening, or other major announcement? Make it via Facebook Live. Tease the announcement beforehand in a status update and let people know when to tune in to get the juicy details.
  5. Speak to your passions
    Facebook Live is a great outlet to speak to the thing you’re passionate about. If you can come up with a few minutes on why your town is the best place to live, why being a Realtor® is your calling, or how your surfing hobby relates to your business savvy, put it on Facebook Live. This gives your audience the chance to get to know the person behind the business, and will generate trust if done right.

Facebook changes algorithm again | Social Media Monday

About two weeks ago, Facebook announced it would change its algorithm again to favor users’ friends and family in individual newsfeeds. This is bad news for publishers who use the platform to reach fans, but not necessarily unprecedented. Facebook has been tweaking it’s algorithm more regularly, and each change seems to favor the “people,” as Mark Zuckerberg himself has stated.

What does this mean as a business owner? This change will affect all types of content (links, videos, live feeds) put out by publishers. If you own a business page that regularly puts out content be prepared for your social media referral traffic to decrease significantly, if it hasn’t already.

What do I do as a publisher/business owner?

To combat this, consider putting together a Facebook advertising budget. This algorithm change is another step in social media’s move toward monetization, and it’s up to business owners if they want to play the game.

Another strategy might be to focus on engagement with your posts. If a friend of a user has interacted with a publisher’s content, there is a higher chance that content will appear in that newsfeed. When pushing out content on Facebook, benchmark your success by engagement, comments and shares.

Read more at New York Times.

Get ready for 360° views on Facebook | Social Media Monday

Facebook announced this month that the platform will start rolling out 360° photos worldwide. The images are meant to be immersive, allowing the viewer to feel as if they’re really there. A few clicks will allow the viewer to look up, down and do a full turn from one location. The best part is that they can be taken with a regular smartphone–just take a panorama  or use a 360° camera app.

Our minds are already buzzing with the application in the world of real estate. How about a 360° view of the master bedroom? Does a regular old photo just not do the view from the backyard justice? 360° photo could be a neat addition to your open house and listing repertoire.

Realtors® , have you experimented with 360° photos? Do you think it’s just a fad? Let us know in the comments below.