Massachusetts Pending Homes Sales Up in December and Year-End Pending Home Sales Up From 2017

Buyers stayed engaged in the process through the month of December and continued to come out and make offers on homes. The number of single-family homes put under agreement in the month of December rose almost 10 percent over the last year, marking a full year of year-over-year increases. The median price for both pending single-family homes and condominiums fell compared to December 2017.

Year-end data shows there was an increase in total pending sales for single-family homes and condominiums in 2018 compared to last year. This year also saw an increase in average median prices for single-family homes and condominiums.

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December Pending Sales: 

Single-Family  December 2018 December 2017 % Change 
Sales  3,122 2,847 +9.7% 
Median Price  $375,000 $380,000  -1.3% 
  • Pending sales have been up for the past 12 months 
Condominium  December 2018 December 2017 % Change 
Sales  1,077 1,083 -0.6% 
Median Price  $352,500  $359,900  -2.1% 
  • Pending sales have been down or flat for six of the last 12 months 

Year-End Pending Sales*: 

Single-Family  2018 2017 %Change 
Sales  62,209  57,474 +8.2% 
Avg. Median Price  $392,083 $372,488  +5.3% 


Condominium  2018 2017 %Change 
Sales  23,265  22,456 +3.6% 
Avg. Median Price  $371,513  $349,838  +6.2% 

*Year-end pending sales data derived from monthly published pending sales reports.