Median Price for Condos Rises Higher than Single-Family Homes in Massachusetts

Closed sales for both single-family homes and condominiums fell in March while median prices went up. The median price for condominiums in March was $10,000 more than single-family homes for the first time since MAR began recording the data in 2004. This is the fourth month in a row that the number of single-family homes for sale has been below the 10,000 mark, an unprecedented low number.

Read more in the full March 2018 Closed Sales Release.

  • March single-family home sales went down 8.8% over last year (3,354 sales in 2018 from 3,679 sales in March 2017)
  • March single-family median prices went up 5.4% year-over-year (to $369,000 in 2018 from $350,000 in March 2017)
  • March condo sales went down 12.3% and median prices went up 16.4% (to $389,900)
  • Inventory in March went down 29.8% to 9,683 and condominiums available down -30.5% to 2,868
  • SF listings added to the market in January went down 17.4% over last year. (5,903 from 7,148 in 2017)
  • Condo listings added to the market went down 15.6% over last year. (2,361 from 2,799 in 2017)